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Shadow Board Vinyl Tool Tape

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Product Description

5S Tool Shadow Tape

Are you looking for a way to organize your tools clearly and consistently? If so, our tool outline vinyl can help. Unfortunately, many businesses encounter the same problem regarding the issue of misplaced or lost tools. It can be very frustrating and also expensive to have to purchase the same tools over and over again due to tool loss. Instead, implement the use of a shadow board. Shadow boards are able to keep tools organized, accounted for, and easily identifiable. These boards allow users to quickly identify when a tool is missing or in use because the outline of the missing tool can be readily seen.

Creating a shadow board is simple! Our tool outline vinyl is easy to work with and is highly durable as well. In addition, our outline vinyl material is ideal for 5S, kaizen, and lean program organizational concepts, and cuts easily with a razor blade or pen knife.

In just four simple steps you can easily be on your way to increased tool organization.

  • We offer 8 colors to choose from. Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Gray and Yellow.
  • Use on metal, Aluminum, plastic and most any other surfaces.




  1. First, lay your tools out onto the white backing in an organizational manner that makes sense to your business. For instance, if you would like to keep all the hammers in one area make sure to lay out the design in that manner. Also, be sure that you allow a minimum of a ½ inch to 1 inch clearance between each tool tracing.
  2. Next, take a pencil or marker and simply trace the tools or items in reverse onto the white backing. Trace all the tools before moving onto the next step.
  3. Now, take a utility pen knife to cut out the traced shapes.
  4. Then lastly, simply peel the white backing off and stick the vinyl to your tool pegboard or other tool surface just behind where the tool sits. It really is just that simple.
  5. When tools are properly organized, it sharply reduces the risk of tools being misplaced lost. Never waste time rummaging through an old unorganized tool box again, and instead embrace the order and organization that our tool outline vinyl will bring.


Product Description

  • 15" x 15' Rolls
  • 8 Color Choices
  • Durable Vinyl Material




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