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Red Tagging Supplies

Red Tags | 5s Red Tag Database

S1- Sort is the first step of 5S. Red tags are an essential tool in the Sort step of 5S. 5S Red tags are used to identify items that will be moved to the red tag area for later review and or disposition. We offer red tags sold in quantities of 100 per pack. Our red tags come prewired so once filled out, can be attached with ease.

From time to time we get request for our red tags to be printed in another color besides red to meet ISO standards and not conflict with Hold tags which also are red. We now offer ISO Red Tags in a beige color to solve this problem and your company can still meet ISO standards. These tags are an exact copy of the Red Tags but with a beige color.

We also offer a 5S Red Tag Database Software to help you organize your Red tag area. This powerful new tool, allows your organization to convert your Red Tag data into useful information. This 5S Red Tag Database (RTR)conveniently records, analyzes, manages, and communicates the progress of your Red Tagging activities. Our RTR Program will allow you to professionally manage your Red Tag initiative. RTR enables you to record data in electronic form to more efficiently analyze, communicate, and share results with other departments, supervisors, and senior management. RTR helps your teams work better, and aids in the management and control of your company-wide 5S program.

Finally based on our customers request we now offer Red Tag floor signs in two styles to help identify the Red Tag Area. These durable floor signs will hold up to industrial traffic while providing a visual display easily understood by anyone who walks by. Our Red tags, Red Tag Database & Red tag Floor Signs are essential for a successful Five S Sort. These tools are proven to guide you along the way to a sustainable 5S Program.