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Quick Changeover Solution Package

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Quick Changeover of machinery throughout the various processes in your business is key to enabling you organization’s adaptability to constantly changing environments. By implementing a Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Program you will start your organization on the path to flexibility and increased value-added time.

Enna’s SMED Quick Changeover Training Package provides all the information, materials, and techniques needed to effectively lead your own SMED Program. Enna knows that for your Quick Changeover Program to be effective it has to be successful over time. Therefore, our package is structured around a full five-day training schedule, and provides the materials needed to facilitate and implement SMED principles to ensure you will have the structure to make sustainable setup reduction a reality.


* SMED Quick Changeover Facilitator Guide (1) – A comprehensive, easy to use facilitator guide for training employees and guiding the group through the entire Quick Changeover Workshop event.

* SMED Quick Changeover Preparation Guide (1) – The guide contains a systematic approach to preparing and executing successful SMED Quick Changeover workshops and is included with the purchase of a solution package. It helps the Facilitator (trainer) prepare for the event, is a reference manual for timing, scheduling, and the overall process of the workshop.

* SMED Quick Changeover Facilitator Digital Media CD (1) – The Digital Media CD is the focal point for training as it links the facilitator guide with the participant workbook by displaying in sequence the presentation information for the workshop. Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything designed in PowerPoint. It is the latest technology in presentation format, using dynamic formatting, user functionality and projection of image and content.

* SMED Quick Changeover Participant Workbook (8) – Designed with the participants in mind, this workbook is used during the SMED Quick Changeover workshop and retained for reference. The workbook combines information, illustrations, key questions and space for note-taking. It includes a self-assessment form for participants to test their understanding of principles communicated during the workshop.

* Motion Diagram Form (1) – An 11 x 14 pad of forms used to model motion during machine setup or changeover of model type. A great visual tool for demonstrating amount of travel.

* Changeover Observation Form (1) – An 11 x 14 pad of forms used to record and identify each step of the setup, including internal and external times, as well as observations during the workshop.

* Setup Combination Worksheet (1) – An 11 x 14 pad of forms for benchmarking and developing the new changeover standard. This form lists the steps and graphs the setup to visually show the new standard setup.

* 7 Wastes Observation Form (1) – A pad of template forms; the form is used as an analysis tool for assessing opportunities for elimination of wastes in each department.

* 5S Red Tag Register (1) – An 11 x 14 pad of forms; this form tracks and logs each 5S Red Tagged item, its classification, and the course of action to be taken regarding the Red Tagged item. It provides a focal point of control and reference for tracking movement of materials and equipment.

* 5S Red Tags (50) – Red Tags are used to keep the process of change going throughout the 5S workshop while remaining organized in the process.

* 5S Poster (1) – A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas as a reference to the 5S Principles. * 7 Wastes of Operations Poster (1) – A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas to remind staff to continuously eliminate waste.

* Commandments for Continuous Improvement Poster (1) – A full color poster to support your Lean Manufacturing Workshop. It encompasses the fundamental philosophy behind Lean Thinking while reminding participants how to problem solve as a team.

* 7 Wastes of Operations Poster (1) – A full color visual aid to be used during 5S training and posted in work areas to remind staff to continuously eliminate waste.

* Rules for Quick Changeover Poster (1) – A full color poster derived from Shigeo Shingo and Hiroyuki Hirano’s commitment to SMED and JIT. This poster summarizes the principles of a Quick Changeover in a large colorful format and can be placed in the training room or a specific department within your organization.



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