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5S Training

5S Training | 5S Program | Implementation

Our 5sTraining Packages are designed by Lean Experts who have taken best practices and developed an easy to follow step by step implementation strategy that will get you sustainable World Class Results.

Don't waste valuable time and resources trying to develop in-house 5s Programs that are not sustainable. Go with our Five S Training Materials that are proven over and over to get results. We have done the hard work for you.

Below we offer training packages in both English and Spanish. We offer 5s Videos, 5s Posters, Floor Marking Tape, 5s Red Tags, and essentially everything you will need to implement 5S and sustain year over year.

5S Poster Version 1


5S Version One - Sort, Straighten, Sweep, Standardize, Sustain 5S is the building blocks of all improvement activity. We have designed a 5S poster that encompasses the major themes of 5S into one image. We have included the best translation from the...

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5S Poster, Version 2


5S Version Two - Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain The 5S's are the building blocks of all improvement activity, and because there are two industry-accepted English translations of the original Japanese 5S's, we at Enna have created two...

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5S Action Kit


Visualize the power and benefits of 5S with our new 5S Action Kit. Our innovative, hands on exercise, facilitates team building as it walks participants through the 5S principles. The participants will learn by doing. Step by step, team members become...

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