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Kaizen & the Art of Creative Thinking

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There is no recipe for success. If there were, we would all use it and it would cease to be effective. In reality there are many roads that can lead to success - the secret is to choose the right road for your organization. It takes skilled judgment to apply the right method, at the right time, under the right circumstances. Using sound judgment, we know when to act, when to coach, and when to delegate.

100% Leadership provides checkpoints for day-to-day decisions and actions. It covers the essence of:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Team-building
  • Planning and risk taking
  • Efficiency Decision making
  • Global business

'Good advice, whomever it comes from, depends on the shrewdness of the prince who seeks it.' --Niccolo Machiavelli

The emphasis of this book is on usefulness. The book presents often opposing systems, theories and opinions to provoke thinking that will fit these variables together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Visualize, compare, and project your own situation while reading, and select any ideas and methods that are useful to you.

A true test of leadership is how you use your judgment and common sense for selection, timing, and application of ideas. 100% Leadership does not include case studies of success or failure in large organizations. Presumably you are not the president of G.E., nor involved in the particular situation of IBM or GM. Your problems are different, their case is not yours. Since every case is unique, case studies become mere anecdotes. They make good and interesting reading, but do little to help you solve your problems.

100% Leadership is a practical guide that provides information to help you create the ideas to build your own success story. Today's leaders must be strong yet respected, rather than feared or loved; inspiring, not imposing. Leadership is not a popularity contest, nor is it a dictatorship. It should be somewhere in the middle to allow for sufficient flexibility, depending on circumstances and personalities. Think of a strong political leader with limited powers under a democratic regime. The Board of Directors is a substitute for Congress. A president or prime minister will only be re-elected if he produced results; a company president is expected to produce results to keep his job.

An easy to read book and the heart of the book provides insightful lessons.

'Translates successful management processes into a simple checklist. He has lived it, and we are fortunate to learn from his successful experiences.'
-John W. Johnstone,
Chairman, Olin Corporation

'An excellent reference book...lays out in concise format all the important attributes future leaders will need to guide their companies through a more complex and competitive global business environment. It is a handy book for every executive in day-to-day business dealings and decisions.'
-Raymond Karla,
President, Dimack Industries, Inc.

About the Author

Until his retirement, Gabriel Hevesi was Managing Partner of Target Ltd., a management consulting firm, based in Brazil. During 50 years of front-line business experience in three countries, he has been exposed to many different cultures and situations in different positions. His career ranges from running a small manufacturing operation (his own), general management of a large textile industry, to being architect, CEO, and country manager of a $200 million subsidiary of a large international corporation. He was elected Honorary Citizen of the State of Rio de Janeiro by the State Legislative Assembly in 1974. Mr. Hevesi studied economics in his native Hungary and graduated in textile engineering in Switzerland.

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